Myfanwy Stirling's Vón-we Felted Fashions are an inspirational blend of traditional handcrafting techniques and modern urban design.

A native of the Australian rainforest and now living in New York City, her unique background inspires a style unique unto itself.

Beginning with the world's finest Australian Merino wool, every accessory is handcrafted using traditional felting techniques passed down through generations.

Accentuated with an eclectic array of modern materials, each design fuses the old and the new, producing a unique organic style with an elegance right at home in the big city.

The result is a truly one-of-a-kind creation.

The Felting Process
Felt is a non-woven fabric. Making felt begins with wool or fur. Heat and moisture are added to cause the outer scales along the wool or fur fiber to open. Use of soap allows the fibers to easily coil upon themselves, and agitation causes the fibers to interlock, creating a shrunken, irreversible bond of felted fabric.

Long before recorded history, man found that he could take wool and with the application of water, heat and the pounding of rocks, create a warm floor covering or a fabric to warm to the body.

The History of Felting
Felt is the oldest textile known to man. The exact origins of felt are obscured by history because textiles have a limited life span. We do know it was at least as old as the Bronze Age. Preserved artifacts of highly sophisticated felts from Pazyryk Siberia date back to 500 B.C, showing that felt making had a long history before that gtime.

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